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September 28, 2003: Humming along

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Today there was music. Lots and lots of music. This is because it was Joyful Noise Sunday at church, which meant that for people like me, who are involved in practically every musical group available, the day started far too early for a weekend. I got to church at 8:30 to run through the piece we'd be playing with the recorder ensemble (which, by the way, is sounding less like an out-of-tune calliope and more like actual music with every practice!), then promptly zipped off to choir practice and from that to the rehearsal for the instrumental ensemble (going from recorder to oboe is not nice to the lips, I might add), and then from that to the rehearsal for the women's group. And after all that I finally got to flop down in a quiet room and hastily do every single bit of reading and homework for the bible study class because I have yet to get myself into the habit of doing the work nightly like we are supposed to. Here is where my ability to read at lightening speed comes in so handy, or else I'd be perpetually behind. Besides, this week we're reading all about sin. Our whole group was excited about that. Finally, we get to learn about sin!

Anyway, I digress. Music. Lots of music. In fact, afterwards some of us from the recorder group got to talking and I am hoping to coordinate some sort of practice schedule for the next few months, if only to get us all playing together as a cohesive group, learning how to listen to each other. Plus I have grand plans to arrange Carol of the Bells in four-part harmony for the group since I think it would sound incredible on recorders.

And then after all the music and the rushing around to get to practice and remember which group performed when, there was even more rushing around with non-music things. First there was lunch with my parents and then we headed home where I whipped together a peach pie and washed my laundry while Richard got to go play computer nerd with my dad and my older brother-in-law (my mom's computer hard drive went south last week and had to be replaced, requiring reinstallation of *everything*), and then we headed off to my parents' house for dinner and the entertainment of my two little nephews, and much laughing and chatting afterwards.

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