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October 09, 2003: In preparation

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Richard and I have signed up for NaNoWriMo again. We didn't do it last year because our job had us traveling and there just didn't seem to be a feasible way to handle that much writing when on the road. But we did it in 2001 and really enjoyed it. Granted I wrote 50,000 words of what was probably one of the worst novels ever created in the history of writing, and after getting the word count verification I promptly deleted every single file associated with it. It was so terrifically bad that if it had been paper, I would have burned it, page by page, all the while cackling with mad glee. So I am not expecting that this year will be any different (although Richard thinks I ought to at least let him read my 50,000 words of babbling drivel before I send it off to the ether of oblivion this time). However, this year I am pondering taking a different approach, and working on a collection of shorter stories, all bundled together. There is still nearly entire month before NaNoWriMo starts for me to change my mind on that. We shall see.


I have been reading about this Sweet Potato Crack thing on TUS for months and wondering what the heck it was. This afternoon I finally got so fed up with what I was doing at work (I am gathering data, but the data is on a website where some idiot requires Macromedia Flash on every single stinking page and that means each page takes about a minute to load!) that I left early and swung by the store to pick up two sweet potatoes. And then I went home and chopped them up and mixed them with a heap of garlic and olive oil and thyme and salt and baked them and when they were all done and the entire house just reeked of garlic I tried a bite and realized right then and there not only why this recipe has its particular name, but also that if Richard didn't get home pretty darn soon there wasn't going to be any left for him.

I am thinking that the next step is to try a combination of this and the yam chips I have made in the past, and I am also thinking that I really ought to track down kosher salt and use that instead of regular salt since that *is* what the recipe calls for. I am also thinking that maybe I really ought to stop making extremely garlicky things on the nights when we have choir practice and spend two hours doing lots of singing next to lots of other people.

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