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October 20, 2003: It's definitely a Monday

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I suppose I should be tired today, but surprisingly I am not. Or rather, I am only yawning a little bit and I am not starting to doze off while waiting for web pages to load during yet more research online, and I am not getting more than slightly annoyed by the extremely obnoxious lawyers downstairs who are getting the week off to a fine start by yelling and screaming at each other at the top of their lungs much earlier than normal for a Monday morning. At least it hasnít degenerated into swearing yet, but I figure itís only a matter of time. Theyíve been doing a lot more swearing at each other in the past week. In a way itís almost laughable, but in another way itís a little disturbing.

Richard has gone home from work already due to more cramping, and I sent him an email about jello and pudding and yogurt and other soft, non-intestine-irritating foods we have in the kitchen. Packing lunches is usually pretty easy for both of us since weíve been actively trying to follow the program and eat lots of high fiber food with fresh fruits and vegetables and low-point chili and soup and such. Itís not so easy when one half of the house is supposed to be on a low-fiber diet for several days, and isnít allowed to eat any fresh fruits or vegetables at all. I have been having a merry time running through my mental list of recipes trying to come up with things that will be okay for him to eat, yet still low in points. Somewhere along the way I need to find something that fits that category and still uses bananas because there is an entire bunch of them sitting on the counter getting a bit overripe, and making my kitchen reek of banana, and I have already eaten my one banana for this quarter so theyíre going to just sit there until I either get disgusted with them and throw them away or I cook them somehow.

I am mulling the pros and cons of solar panels over and over in my head now that we have an actual estimate for them, and pondering whether we really could lower our energy bills any more than they already are (my conclusion is Ďnot likelyí). I am pondering things I want to do with one of the databases I built for work but having a hard time finding motivation to go beyond scribbling little notes. I am wondering when the vet will call to give me an update on Rebecca and hoping that she has not decided that we abandoned her and is therefore turning her radioactive super powers toward evil instead of toward good. And I am most of all wondering if, just maybe, my entire office went downstairs en masse and told off the obnoxious hollering lawyers, they might actually shut up.

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