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October 30, 2003: Quick-change

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Wasn't it just yesterday I walked outside the office to go to Curves at lunchtime and had to climb into an oven that was formerly my car? And wasn't it just earlier this week that my coworker wasn't even willing to sit outside on the balcony because it was too hot?

Apparently the weather gods were listening and decided enough was enough. Today autumn hit with a vengeance. By the time I got home from work it was cold enough inside that I immediately dashed upstairs and down, turning off every single ceiling fan. Later I wrapped myself in my big fleece bathrobe before skimming through my email, and before I went to choir practice I changed out of my work clothes and into a sweatshirt and jeans. Tonight will the first night in a very long time where we will leave the windows closed. Tonight is the first night in a long time I can actually start thinking seriously about putting on the flannel sheets, and maybe even cranking up the gas fireplace in the bedroom. Today was the first day that actually felt as if it might possibly be October.


I left work a little early this afternoon in order to get home in time to grab Sebastian, stuff him in a carrier, and head off to the vet. He's had a small growth on his head, right near the inner corner of one of his eye, and it's been there for weeks. I've been eying it anxiously for quite a while, trying to be patient enough to let it go away if it was something as simple as a scab. But it didn't go away, and while it didn't get any bigger and it didn't seem to bother him very much, that didn't much matter, because cats are not supposed to randomly grow little things on their skin without some kind of really good reason.

The vet poked and prodded (and weighed him he's up to 17 pounds, and oh boy could I feel it when I was lugging around that carrier!), and then decided to try to get a sample to send off to the lab. One dab of topical numbing cream and a thin needle prick later and suddenly it wasn't nearly as scary any more. As near as we can figure, it was just some sort of little cyst. He's going to send the sample off to the labs anyway just in case, because after all, Sebastian is 12 years old now.

But while the whole strange growth on the face incident appears to have dissolved into nothing too horrible, we did discover that he has a heart murmur something which isn't exactly a good thing. I doubt it's for the same reason as Rebecca (see the earlier note that he is *up* to 17 pounds), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's nothing to worry about. Rebecca goes in for follow-up blood tests in a few months so I'll be carting them both back to the vet so he can check his heart again, and so we can discuss options for how to proceed next.

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