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November 23, 2003: Getting there

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I wish I could say that the reason I havenít been writing is because Iím doing a lot of work on the novel, but thatís not really the case. I think itís more to do with the fact that Iím feeling a bit guilty for not being further along on the novel than I should, and so avoid doing any kind of writing at all in some futile effort to make my brain focus on what it should be focusing on instead of what it wants to do.

I did have one particularly productive day this past week where I churned out about 7000 words in the space of only a few hours, but the rest of itís come in dribs and drabs, and by this weekend Iíd only managed to just break 30,000 words.

Itís been kind of a busy week, though, so itís not as if Iíve had oodles of time to write. It seems lately like I have something scheduled every evening after work. Tuesday night I made two more batches of bread (this time it was nut bread) for the bazaar, and then Wednesday night was bible study, where we continued our trend of singing Veggie Tales songs every time a story crops up in the Old Testament chapters weíre reading that Big Idea has covered. We especially had fun making references to the Pie Wars, and how it is wrong to covet your neighborís rubber ducky (go rent King George and the Rubber Ducky if youíre completely lost here). Thursday night was choir practice, as usual, and I brought my oboe and had marvelous fun switching back and forth (in the same song) between playing and singing. Another tenor did show up but he hasnít been back so itís still just me. And Friday night I went over to a friendís house, bringing with me all the flats of pomegranate jelly we made, and we ate an incredibly delicious chicken pot pie and then spent a few hours cutting out little squares of fabric and attaching the tags to the jars. Iíd say we did a pretty good job because the bazaar (which I had to miss Ė sniffle) was yesterday and our jelly sold like crazy. Weíre already all talking about how weíll have to make even more next year, now that we know what weíre doing (well, sort of). We also worked on arranging a few songs for the food fight at church because this year the womenís and the menís ensembles are the team leaders and so itís our job to get up in front of the congregation and do our best to encourage them to bring lots and lots of food for the food bank in town.

Yesterday was a mostly non-writing day because I drove down to San Jose and met up with Richardís sisters and mom and niece and his oldest sisterís matron-of-honor-to-be, and we all spent a few hours having fun at the Jessica McClintock store trying on bridesmaid dresses. Iíd link to a picture but I canít find one, and besides, the four of us all ended up choosing completely different styles (which was fine with the bride-to-be because all she wanted was for us to be in the same color and fabric), all of which are just gorgeous. Also I was faced with the fact that Richardís niece somehow turned 16 without me catching on (because for whatever reason my brain insists that she has stayed eternally stuck at age 11), and has parts. I am not old enough to have a niece who has womanly parts, darn it.

Dresses ordered, we then consumed huge plates of Mongolian barbeque (in which I think I may have managed to consume my five required servings of veggies in one meal) and then I headed off to Napa (with a quick detour through Concord to go to the Trader Joeís, which had the gall to actually be *out* of the cheese blintzes that were the sole reason for the side trip!) for my brother-in-lawís birthday. There was Chinese food in a restaurant with a huge fish tank which was far more exciting to my youngest nephew than anything on his plate, and there were presents, and angel food cake with sweet whipped cream (so very good!) and lots of chatter around the table, until Richard and I checked the time and realized that it was getting late so we headed home to be greeted by a horde of cats who had to wait a whole TWO HOURS past their dinner time to get fed (oh, the drama).

And that brings us to today, which has included a lot of music (oboe and voice) and a lot of laughing and chatting with new people, and then a few hours of napping because the last few days have worn me out. So I might be trailing further and further behind on this darn novel, but at least Iíve been having fun while not writing.

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