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December 14, 2003: Jolly

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Last night's game was one of those sessions that reminded all of us just how much we had missed playing these past six months or so that the game's been in limbo. We alternated between laughing until our heads were on the table and frantically rummaging through player handbooks because most of us had forgotten all the little important details, like how to roll for spells and fights and such. And it was nice to just get a chance to chat with the other players, aside from the gaming itself, just to catch up on what they've been doing. Despite all of our best intentions we didn't end the game until far later in the evening than we'd planned, and it was after midnight before I finally got to bed.

This morning, after getting up and tossing all the cats into their respective rooms for their respective foods, I called the friend with whom I was supposed to coordinate the words to a song for the food drive at church yesterday. We were supposed to get together on the phone yesterday at some point to finish up the song now that we'd finally managed to track down the music. Except that apparently both of us completely forgot until it was far too late at night (or in my case, far too early in the morning by the time we were done with the game), so she hastily whipped something together and scribbled it out for the rest of us when she got to church. Our only saving grace was that at least she and I had done this song before as a trio, so all we had to do was recruit an alto to cover the middle.

The song got the laughs we expected for some of the more clever lines, and I can only assume it's been working because the food drive has been quite effective this year. I will note, however, that I am extremely glad that next week is the last week of it, because I think my friend and I have pretty much tapped out our creative energy for reworking well-known hymns into songs about the food drive for the year.

There was a marathon two-hour choir practice before church since we're doing the cantata next week, and then the children's pageant was during the service. I brought one of my hats to church with me since a few of our friends have children who could be used as head models for my niece/nephews. Turns out it was a good thing I did because even though the hat is stretchy enough to fit an adult head, it only looked good on the little one-year-old. So I gave him the completed hat and I think I'm going to take apart the second one and use the yarn to make a bigger one. Ah well. I suppose I could be upset about having spent all that time on hats that are too small, but there's something rather comfortingly mind-numbing about just sitting there knitting, so I don't mind so much having an excuse to do more of it.

After church we zipped home, poked around on the computers, changed, and then headed down to Richard's parents' for his mom's birthday dinner, and also to help them decorate their tree. Last year we happened to be there when they were decorating and I volunteered to climb behind the tree and do the hard-to-reach branches, which worked so well that I immediately climbed into the corner this year too and had them hand me things while I did my best not to run face-first into the guide wire they used to attach the tree to the wall. Then there was chicken stew and pumpkin spice cake with ice cream and peppermint and chocolate fudge, prompting me to realize that there is less than two weeks left for me to get with it and do the necessary baking, and also maybe this year I should try not only making some of that peppermint chocolate fudge for us, but also fudge with a peanut butter swirl. At some point this week. In all my spare time. When I am not knitting hats.

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