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December 29, 2003: Winded

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The rain did not wake me up last night, although I am not exactly sure why. It certainly should have, what with how hard it was coming down, but perhaps the wind drowned out the noise. Driving to work this morning was a challenge one that reminded me of why it is that sometimes having a larger car is a good thing. Or rather, having a larger car that is not also tall is a good thing; those people driving SUV's and those strange boxy Elements probably were hating life the entire time they fought their way across the causeway. It was the kind of wind that has me hanging onto the steering wheel with both hands because I know if I raise one even for an instant, the wind will shove me out of my lane.

By the time I got to work, it had only gotten worse. The wind howled and the rain fell pretty much all day. There were times it would start to gust so hard we could not help but stop what we were doing to stare out the windows. It blew in the opposite direction of the natural flow of the river just outside my office, to the point that the normally calm river was just a seething mass of swells and waves, with the occasional floating tree. It was actually, at times, rather exciting to watch, although none of us in the office really wanted to be out in it. Weather wimps that we are, we all decided to have pizza delivered than to try to go somewhere to get lunch and bring it back. I felt sorry for the poor pizza delivery guy as he wooshed in the door, assisted by a particularly insistent gust of wind, and then just as quickly was sucked back out again, minus a few boxes of warm cheesy goodness.

It was still going strong in Sacramento when I left, but luckily by the time I got home it was starting to calm. The road home, much to my surprise, was not even the slightest bit flooded, although apparently parts of the town did lose power. We went and got dinner at a Chinese food place in town, and then came home and put in the last DVD in the season 5 Buffy set and watched every remaining episode. Now that they are all done, I am feeling faintly adrift. It's not as if we don't have plenty of things left to watch there is the season of Firefly, and the first season of Angel, and this does not even include the current offerings from NetFlix, one of which might even be another few episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But what I really want to watch next is more Buffy. I want the last two seasons to be released, preferably within the next few weeks, and then once I have watched every last episode in the remaining two seasons, we can start back at the beginning again

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