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January 08, 2004: Barely there

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I was right about the meetings yesterday. They both went on far longer than expected, and we did not leave for the airport until after everyone else had gone home and the office lights were turned off around us; until it was so late we startled the cleaning crew as we emerged blearily from the door.

The last time we did this, my boss and I made reservations for the later flight but got to the airport in time to catch a slightly earlier one. This time we tried to do the same thing but the earlier flight was so delayed they were moving everyone onto the later flight anyway. So instead we wandered around the terminal and tried to find something to eat (Burbank airport is not blessed with much in the way of food choices), and then we finally just sat at our gate until the plane arrived and we could finally board and fly home.

Today I have been bleary and exhausted, and it has been hard to focus on the things I've needed to do. By the time the work day was over and I was heading home I had no energy at all to try to do even the simple act of cooking lemon pepper chicken for the fajitas we'd planned for dinner. So instead we got Chinese food and managed to finish just in time for choir practice, where it was obvious that I was not the only one there who was tired and bleary and coming down from what has been a very long post-holiday week.

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