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January 18, 2004: Sleepers

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Today started off too early, for which I have only myself to blame because I was a big slacker and did not do my final prep for week two of the Harry Potter class Iím leading at church. In my defense, when the leaderís guide arrived on Friday, I *did* immediately read through the whole thing, so it wasnít like I hadnít done anything. But I ended up getting up early anyway to at least have a chance to sit down and scribble out notes for the class itself.

I had to be at church earlier than Richard anyway, since it was the third Sunday of the month, which means the instrumental ensemble was playing all the music, and since my dadís still in Germany, Iím still the acting director. In reality I donít do much directing so much as I pass out the music, set the tempo, and then occasionally at the end of a song I have to do interesting contortions with my body in order to hold the oboe between my knees while still blowing the last note and at the same time waving one hand wildly over my head in order to cut the rest of the group off. It all usually works out, but I am still looking very much forward to when Dad gets back and takes it over again.

Getting up early this morning wasn't made any easier by the fact that we were out so late last night. At least it was for a good reason Ė last night we went to see the latest offering by the Davis Musical Theater Company, which was Jesus Christ Superstar. Despite initial misgivings due to the lackluster showing of the rest of this season, we were pleasantly surprised. There were a few minor issues, like the fact that the electric keyboard and guitar were sometimes so loud they drowned out the singers, but overall the performance was wonderful. The cast was energetic; especially the woman who played Simon, and the man who played Judas was outstanding. There was a sense of coherence about the entire group Ė cast and musicians Ė that has been noticeably lacking in the past few productions by DMTC, and it was a relief to see that it had not been lost, only misplaced.

And then of course after the play there was the traditional post-play pie and play recap with my mom (much to my dad's dismay, since he missed the pie and discussion due to being in Germany), all of which meant we didn't get home until late, and didn't get to bed until even later, and all day I have been yawning and trying to make up for it.

So speaking of sleep (or lack thereof), this afternoon we went out and bought a new futon mattress for the living room couch because the old one was thin and uncomfortable and now seemed like as good a time as any. We found a tiny furniture store in Vacaville that was so full of stuff we could barely walk, but they were selling the mattresses for prices so low we let the guy talk us into a new futon cover (with matching pillows) as well. Then as soon as we got it home and tossed the old mattress into the trash and put the new one down, we both collapsed on it and took a nap, just to try it out. Or rather, we tried to take a nap, but the cats were determined to out-cute each other and so finally we just gave up and instead lay there and cuddled,

It was nice just lying on the futon together. We've got a king sized bed that we sleep in, and I love that bed because there is enough room for both of us to sprawl and not smack each other, plus there is almost enough room for the cats to swarm me without shoving me off the bed (I said 'almost' because there is not a bed made that is big enough to deter a cat if it is determined enough). But the downside to having the big huge king-sized bed is that we usually end up each on our own side of the bed with a big gap between us. Considering the propensity for sprawling and snoring on both our parts this is usually a good thing. But lying there, cuddled next to each other, it was nice to be on such a small area. Sometimes, like when we were snuggled on the new futon mattress this afternoon, I miss the smaller bed. Of course then I climb into the big bed and there is actually room for me between the seven lazy cats and I know that going back to the smaller bed would drive me crazy. But sometimes, just for a moment, it's nice to pretend.

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