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January 20, 2004: Round and round

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On the way home from work last night I stopped at the produce stand and, among other things, bought another ten-pound bag of satsumas. When I lugged it into the house Richard gave me a look that clearly indicated he thought Iíd lost my mind. After all, sitting in a colander on the counter were the sad and lonely remnants of the previous ten-pound bag, and it was only this past weekend when I firmly declared that I was sick of the darn things and couldnít stand to eat any more.

But I am determined. I will eat these, even if it is only a few at a time. Not only are they good for me, but they serve the rather attractive purpose of letting me quickly reach my daily quota of five servings of fruits and/or veggies a day Ė one of our big goals this year. Besides, by the time we finish this bag, their rather short season will be ended for the year, and so even if I reach my tolerance of satsumas by that point, it will no longer be a problem. Iíll have 9 or 10 months in which to get over it before they start showing up in the produce bins again. Who knows Ė by then I might have managed to work my way up to something else in the citrus family besides satsumas and grapefruit.


We got up this morning and did our 6.5-mile bike ride. Iíll admit there was a brief moment after the alarm went off during which I lay in bed and seriously pondered just going back to sleep. But the only way weíre going to hit that 1000 mile goal is if we get up and do these short little rides on a regular basis. Considering the late start, my current goal is simply to reach 50 miles by the end of the month, and I know if we donít ride twice a week until then it just isnít going to happen. This morning's ride was done mostly in the dark again because replacing the batteries in the bike lights didn't fix them. On the way home from work I stopped by the bike store to get new lights. I did not end up getting lights at all, since apparently we'll need some sort of special attachment to get them to fit around the bars, but I did manage to procure a new helmet, new biking gloves, a rear view mirror to attach to my handlebars, and new toe clips. The best way to discover just how much toe clips improve your riding is to suddenly have to ride without them.

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