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February 05, 2004: Gadgets

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The good news is that the decongestant-induced mania has been subsiding in the past two days. The bad news is that I think this thing has settled, yet again, into a sinus infection. The few hours that surround the end of one dose and the time it takes for the next 24-hour pill to kick in, breathing gets harder and harder to do. At least the decongestants let me breathe, mostly, for the rest of the day. And maybe if I just keep up with them long enough the sinus infection will go away all by itself this time. In the meantime, at least I am in good company. My boss and I are having a fine time snuffling and coughing, back in our little part of the office, where we have been busy, busy, busy these past few days researching and writing a quick report. I was actually kind of excited about this report, so much so that when it was done, and formatted with pretty colors, I forwarded it to Richard just so he could see what I'd been doing. He was, unfortunately, decidedly unimpressed. I can't understand why. After all, isn't everyone fascinated with how the sharp rise in the price of steel is impacting the construction industry? Yes? No? Oh, fine then.

Last week someone on TUS posted a really terrific 50% off deal at Belkin for electronic equipment, so naturally I had to go poking around, and immediately found a few things we'd been thinking of buying. The highest priority item was to get a Universal Power Source for the file server, and considering how expensive they can be, getting one for 50% off was worth it. Unfortunately, once it arrived we discovered that contrary to the information posted about that particular UPS on their website, it really isn't compatible with Linux, and considering Richard's goal in life seems to be to convert every computer in the house to a Linux based operating system, that meant that today we sadly packed it back up and prepared to ship it back and get a refund.

The second gadget, luckily, has been far more successful. I found a nifty little device that Richard can hook up to his mp3 player, which then broadcasts to any nearby radio. Viola. Instant car access for his mp3 player. We tested it out driving to and from dinner and choir practice tonight, and it works quite well. And heck, even without the 50% discount it was still one heck of a lot cheaper than installing a new stereo system.

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