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February 10, 2004: Deja-choo

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I suppose I should have learned my lesson with the last few tons of citrus fruit we purchased, all of which went scarily moldy (fuzzy and blue) within far too short a time. But I had to stop by the produce stand on the way home and while I was there I noticed they still had those ten-pound sacks of satsumas, so I decided to give it another try.

We’ve already made a sizeable dent in the bag, but I think this time I may break down and dump out all the remaining ones and give them a good scrubbing with soap and water. It’s ironic, in a way, that the reason they tend to go bad so fast is because they aren’t processed before they’re sold – they’re just picked and bagged and taken to the produce stand and sold as is. If I’d purchased those previous bags at the grocery store, they’d probably still be mold free. Ah, the allure of pesticides and other useful, yet pesky, little chemicals.

Speaking of chemicals, pesky or otherwise, last night I decided to forgo the decongestant and see how things went. In celebration I was all set to get up early and go biking this morning, but when Richard peered out the window, he said something about it being quite windy, and it didn’t take a lot to convince either of us that maybe we should just postpone our reentry into biking until later. Less you think we are being big lazy exercise slackers, however, we did both get back to our respective workouts yesterday after a week off to be sick.

Not, mind you, that I have completely recovered from this round of the winter crud. It was just as well I didn't end up going biking this morning, since my throat spent all morning trying to decide whether or not it wanted to be sore, and by the time I left work this afternoon I was feeling achy and chilled – I had my heater up on full blast on the drive home, which should have been enough of a sign that I probably had a fever. At least the sinuses have remained blissfully clear, and after popping some cold medicine and curling up under the covers for an hour to whimper until it kicked in, I am feeling slightly more human. I am getting awfully tired of being sick, however, just in case anyone was wondering. Anytime this thing wants to go away for good would be just fine with me.

In other news I finished off the back of the sweater I am making for myself yesterday. This may not seem all that exciting, except that this is the second time I’ve done the back. I actually finished it about three weeks ago, but then realized that it was too narrow and also about half a foot too long and I really didn’t want to try to figure out how to fix it, and really, the pattern is easy enough that I realized it was just going to be easier to rip it all out and start over. At this rate my friend will have her sweater months before mine is done (her mom – the woman who’s been teaching me to knit – is making her the same pattern, except in a different color), but I actually prefer it this way. I figure this means that her mom can work through all the quirks of the pattern before I ever get to them.

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