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February 19, 2004: Rejected

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Monday did turn out to be a nice day to stay inside. It was gray and wet and dreary outside – the advent of another bout of winter storms – making it easy to lose track of the time of day. I did a lot of knitting and poked around online, and we watched a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (we’re up to season 4 now) as well as a movie called Little Secrets which I thought was going to be some silly fluffy teen flick but in fact turned out to be rather thoughtful and sweet.

It was mostly a good way to spend a holiday day, except that later in the evening my stomach decided to rebel rather suddenly, sparking a several-hours-long bout of puking my guts out, long after there was anything left in my guts to puke. Most of Tuesday I spent feeling vaguely queasy, which I suppose is a rather novel way to start off a new diet plan (we're doing a two week Quick Start thing from Weight Watchers), but not one I would recommend. A quick chat with one of my coworkers suggested that this was just one of those 24 hour things that’s been going around, because by Tuesday night I was back to normal.

Of course, tonight I figured out that it wasn't so much a 24-hour bug as it was a reaction to a new food. A week or so ago I found Quorn at one of the local grocery stores and since I've heard about it from friends online, I decided we should give it a try. We both really liked it, and this weekend we went back to that store (which is one we don't usually go to because it's not as nice) specifically to buy more Quorn – this time in a few different varieties. Unfortunately tonight I found myself getting suddenly and seriously nauseous by the end of the workday, but this time I put the pieces together and realized I'd eaten exactly the same thing for lunch on Monday as I did today. Voila. Add Quorn to the list of foods that I might love, but which quite obviously do not love me.

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