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March 03, 2004: Feeling our age

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Last night I wasn’t in the mood to do anything productive. All I wanted to do was eat dinner and sit in front of the TV and watch something mindless. Unfortunately we didn’t have any DVD’s of Star Trek: Next Generation episodes left to watch (the next batch isn't scheduled to arrive until later in the week) so we were reduced to flipping through the channels looking for a relatively non-offensive sitcom.

Anyway, as we sat there eating our dinner and staring slack-jawed at the TV I saw a commercial that made me sit up and take notice. New radio station in Sacramento. A new *oldies* radio station. Those oldies it plays? Would be music from the 80’s.

Way to smack me upside the head with the ‘old’ stick, people. The music I grew up with is now classified as ‘oldies’. Ouch.

I did, of course, immediately tune one of the buttons on my car radio to that station this morning as soon as I got in, and then spent the entire drive to work belting out songs I still apparently know by heart even though I haven’t heard some of them in over ten years. Because while I may be old, nothing says I actually have to *act* it.

As an aside, last night for dinner we decided to give the new low carb, low fat pizza from Papa Murphy's a try. I am not normally a fan of thin crust pizzas, but one learns to do a lot of compromising in the name of counting one's Points.

Surprisingly, it was quite good, and didn't taste all that much different than their regular pizza, even for having half the amount of cheese and a crispy sliver of crust. I think we'll definitely be eating that again. Although maybe next time I'll load my half with extra veggies, just to make it feel more like the bulkier pizza I'm used to.

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