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March 20, 2004: Prettier

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I’d like to report that we took advantage of all this amazingly lovely weather to get in a nice long bike ride, but that would be lying. Despite having the best of intentions for doing more, we only did 10 miles today, by meandering around the back roads in an attempt to search out the house that a friend is building back there. We eventually found it, and marveled at how big it is. I was tempted to go wandering through since now that it’s been framed we’d be able to get a better sense of what it will look like, but it’s set back too far from the road to get there without getting muddy, or worse yet, exposing the bike tires to the evils that lurk in the fields of the Sacramento valley (puncture thorns, which are *nasty*) so we settled for just admiring from a distance and then pedaled our way back home.

In our defense the reason we couldn’t really do much more than the ten miles was because most of the day was either busy or windy. This morning we headed for Davis, where we indulged in cornmeal waffles with pecan butter and successfully avoided going to the Farmer’s market and buying anything. We had a little bit of time to kill so we meandered around Borders, making up for the not buying of produce by the purchasing of books instead. And then we drove to Woodland because the woman who has been cutting Richard’s hair moved there a few years back and she is good enough that he – and lots of other people – basically keep following her no matter where she goes. I am a recent convert, since before we were married, if I needed my hair trimmed I would usually break down and go to whatever place happened to be close, open, and allowed drop-ins. Plus I have gotten pretty good at trimming and layering my own bangs. However, this time I wanted to get something different. As much as I like having long hair, my hair has other ideas, and once it hits a certain length, about an inch or two below my shoulders, a little switch gets flipped in its DNA and the rest turns into one huge and ratty mess of split ends. So since I was there to get a trim anyway I decided to give it a whirl and asked her for ideas. As I had hoped, she immediately suggested something and since I was in a mood for change I agreed. She got busy with the scissors and the hacking of huge chunks of hair, which fell around my feet and drew all manner of comments about just how much of a hair cut I was actually getting.

So now I have a new hair cut. I'm missing over half a foot of hair and instead of being halfway down my back, now it brushes just over my shoulders when I turn my head. Instead of being all one length there are long layers all over that have magically given my boring, poker-straight hair some actual shape and body and – what is even more amazing about it – all without benefit of styling products or a curling iron. I adore my new cute hairstyle, and not just because I think it might actually make me look younger. All the crunchy split ends are gone and I look in the mirror and actually feel almost pretty. I should obviously have let her have her way with my head sooner.

On the way home from getting all our hair hacked off we were starting to get hungry. So we decided to stop by Plainfield Station, which I have declared to be the very best burger joint in Yolo County. It is this little hole-in-the-wall bar that is pretty much in the middle of nowhere since it’s surrounded by nothing more than farms, but they make the very best burgers ever. We both got cheeseburgers and I was glad I got the small one because I could barely finish. These burgers are divine. They are big and thick and greasy and messy and the cheese oozes out and gets all over the fingers and oh, they are divine. I do not even want to attempt to calculate the number of Points in those cheeseburgers and I do not care. They were more than worth the splurge.

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