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March 22, 2004: First

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Excuse me while I geek out on our garden for a few moments. I am happy to report that, unlike the creepers we planted between the stepping stones around the flower bed this summer, the little perennials we put into the flower bed itself have so far remained alive and actually started to do a teeny bit of growing. Not enough to make them look any less pathetic, mind you, but its a start. I give full credit for this amazing occurence to the fact that unlike the creepers I am actually remembering to water the new plants. Amazing what a little bit of sprinkling will do to keep your brand new greenery from getting brown and crispy.

Also, what is even more exciting than the fact that they are still alive is that they have actually managed to produce a flower! One of the evening primroses has produced one perfect yellow blossom.

yellow primrose

I am impatiently waiting for the rest of the new plants to get busy with the flowering as well. After all, the white peach tree gave quite a show of pink there for a few days, and the climbing roses over the arbor gate just recently burst into bloom. So the rest of the plants need to get with the program. Make with the pretty, darn it!

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