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April 04, 2004: Almost ready-to-wear

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It being Palm Sunday, the choir director decided to have us sing a huge pile of music. Included in this pile of music were a song for just the men and a song for just the women. I got to demonstrate, once again, my musical multi-gender tendencies by singing in both of them.

It was a fairly long service, even without a sermon, due to all the singing, but since we were the ones doing most of the hopping up and down to sing it passed pretty quickly. After church I tracked down my knitting-enabling friend, whipped out my knitting bag, and got her to show me how to attach the sleeves. Friday night was craft night so at that point I had her show me how to make and attach the side panels (stupid weirdly sized pattern, grumble), and I finished one of those yesterday. So today’s task was to learn how to do the sleeves, and next Sunday, if all goes as planned, I can get her to walk me through making the button holes, and then this sweater will be all complete. I am torn between whether to be happy about this or worried. After all, Murphy’s Law clearly dictates that the moment I complete this long-sleeved cardigan sweater which is obviously meant to be worn in cooler weather, summer will come early and with a vengeance. Ah well. I am willing to take that chance, if only because I have many other projects to finish this year. Oh yes.

After church we did lunch with my parents at Chevy’s, where I expanded my food horizons by trying their portabella mushroom and asparagus fajitas (not bad, although the asparagus was on the tough and stringy side. Shudder). Then we went home and changed and headed off to Davis because since this sweater is almost done, I am in need of those new needles. I hit the yarn shop first, where I managed to refrain from actually buying any yarn (although I did succumb to the lure of the cutest little container to hold the tapestry needles so I no longer have to rummage through my knitting bag and figure out what I did with them), and then we went to Borders. I had finally made up my mind to get one of the knitting books I’d seen last weekend and didn’t buy then, but unfortunately it was gone. I suppose that was probably for the best since the last thing I need is yet another book of patterns of things that I will never have time to make, but still, sigh.

So instead of buying a book, we got coffee and found a little table in the café section and Richard did some reading while I finished up the side panels of my sweater. There was a woman singing who had a very lovely voice, and also a clever way of working the crowd, so by the end we decided to buy her CD, if only to encourage her to keep at it.

We’ve spent the last few hours watching episodes of season three of Angel, which we both agree is a lot better than season two (even though the last few episodes of season two almost made up for the middle section that was simply too much Darla angst). Richard worked on homework and I managed to attach the first sleeve, and I am actually quite pleased with how well it turned out. I’m not entirely sure I did it the right way, but with the window pane pattern it *looks* like it was supposed to be that way so I am not too worried about it. I did not end up getting the seams aligned as perfectly as I had hoped, but the important thing is that I doubt anyone will notice, and really, if someone is staring that closely at my armpit they have a lot of other issues that are probably far more important than my shoulder seams anyway.

Oh, and by the way, I let Zucchini out of confinement this morning. This evening I took pity on all the poor starving (yeah, right) cats in the house and gave them wet food instead of the usual boring dry stuff. He was one of the first to the plates, and has been inhaling food like there is no tomorrow. I think he is trying to make up for being so sick and not being interested in eating for the last few days (except for what I managed to stuff down his throat with my fingers). So it seems everything is back to the way it it is supposed to be. Now if I can only convince him - and all the other cats, for that matter - that eating stuffing out of cat toys is a bad idea, we won’t ever have to deal with this again.

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