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April 20, 2004: Ongoing addictions

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Once Buffy finished its seventh and final season last year we’ve been at a loss for a weekly fix from the Whedonverse. We’ve been busily purchasing and watching the first five seasons of Buffy so we’re at least now caught up to where we started watching it, but there’s still time before season 6 comes out on DVD and what are Joss Whedon fans to do?

Why, get started on Angel, of course. We rapidly plowed through the first two seasons, and this weekend we finished the third, which ends on a cliffhanger. Gah! If I hadn't given up and rooted around online until I found a really high level synopsis of the next season, which at least told me how the cliffhanger resolves, I think I would be getting a little twitchy by now. Richard, naturally, has far more patience about this sort of thing than I do and is remaining spoiler free.

I had to do it, however. Season four does not come out until…well, actually, we have no idea when it's due to be released because it's not even showing up on Amazon for pre-order yet. Buffy, on the other hand, releases season 6 next month. Of course, in this case, we had watched season six on television when it was first aired, so at least we know what's going to happen. Not that that has anything to do with our need to get it on DVD and watch it all over again, of course. Must...feed...addiction.

I spent so much time knitting this weekend that my left hand ended up cramping up. But I did manage to get a significant start on the next project, so at least I am feeling pretty optimistic about the time line I set for myself. Of course I'm basing this next project on something I read once in a book that I not only do not own, but cannot seem to track down again. So I'm not entirely sure how I will proceed in the near future. I am, however, confident that I will muddle through somehow, if only because I seem to have somehow developed a knack for this.

My knitting-enabling friend very kindly detached the offending sleeve from my sweater so that I did not have to worry about inadvertently shredding it in the process – much as I had done with my nephew's sweater (although the very cool news is that she thinks she can fix that too). So now I can reattach it, right side out. Oh, did I forget to mention that teensy little problem? I finished the darn thing up on Wednesday and fully intended to wear it on Thursday – except that in the car, on the way to work, I happened to glance down and realize that I had oh-so-stupidly attached one sleeve inside out. Sure, maybe no one else would have noticed, but at that point I now knew of the problem and I also knew that it would drive me insane if I wore it like that all day.

Plus there's the pesky issue of the button strip, which is, by its very nature, too soft to act as a proper button strip without a little sagging. Happily the fix for that is simply to acquire and attach a strip of grosgrain ribbon to the back of that section to give it some reinforcing, which we did this evening. I sat on the bed while Richard did homework and reattached the sleeve (right side out this time - I checked more than a few times) and stitched on a length of ribbon. So now it really *is* done. And luckily the weather has remained cool enough that I can wear it tomorrow. Phew.

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