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May 13, 2004: Progressing nicely

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I rode to work again this morning. This time the wind, such as it was, was with me the entire way there. This time I'd also prepared in advance - I now have a little bag of shower stuff in a drawer at work, along with an old, ratty towel which can just live there permanently. I still feel a little awkward showering at work, but hey, that's what the shower's there for, so I might as well use it.

I actually was far less sore for the better part of the day. It wasn't until I got back on the bike to do the few miles to Raley Field where Richard would pick me up that my muscles finally woke up and started protesting. Choir practice was an interesting challenge - every time we stood up or sat down I felt like a little old lady, wincing with every move. But still, this is progress. Next week, I might not even need the ibuprofin by the end of the day. A girl can dream.


Look what happens when you have an artist as a house guest for a few days, especially if you point to the mostly leafless tree on the breakfast nook wall, and just happen to leave out the paints and brushes just in case she gets bored. Yay! A few hundred less leaves I have to paint!

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