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June 30, 2004: T is for Tofu

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In our continuing quest to be healthy, Richard and I have started an active campaign to broaden our base of healthy and delicious low-Point meals. To this end Richard dragged out some of our cookbooks and we've been pouring over all the possibilities during the last week or so. So far he's made stuffed peppers, which were marvelous, and a jambalaya with shrimp and chicken and ham that was extremely filling, while I've stuck to old stand-by's, like the incredibly dense apple cinnamon sweet potato muffins that we both love. Tonight, however, I decided to give one of the new recipes a try Broccoli in Garlic Sauce. We had no broccoli, however, but a recent trip to the local farmer's market had netted a huge bag of fresh green beans so I figured those would be an adequate substitute. And in order to make this a main dish, I decided to toss in some tofu.

I have never cooked with tofu before tonight. I've eaten it when other people have cooked it for me, and usually I like it. It's one of the blandest foods in existence, so really just tends to be a slightly squishy conveyor of whatever flavoring is contained in the rest of the dish. However, I found lots of useful suggestions for just what to do with tofu on TUS so I decided that I'd give a few of them a try.

I cut the tofu (as well as anyone can cut something with the consistency of soft jello) into randomly sized bits and gave them a quick flour coating, and then pan-fried them using non-stick spray. Then I just stirred them in with the green beans as I added the sauce, and let them mix in with everything else.

The end result was delicious enough that we've both decided it's a keeper. The tofu turned out just chewy and flavorful enough to be interesting, and the whole dish was wonderfully good. I've got another full package of tofu in the fridge. I'm pondering how this would work with a mix of vegetables as well perhaps I might toss in some broccoli after all, or even half an onion. I've got another full package of tofu in the fridge, and I'm not sure how long tofu will keep. We've got nothing at all planned for dinner on Saturday night yet. So I think this recipe or something like it will show up on the menu again, and soon.

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