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July 24, 2004: Nerds and sheep

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This morning we woke up slowly (and I got to sleep *late*, since I did not have to get up at some ungodly early hour to feed the darn cats they can feed themselves again!) and stopped by the bakery on the way to the annual lamb-themed festival at the fairgrounds. It's not the biggest affair, but it's always good for a cute diversion for an hour or so. We meandered around the various arts and crafts booths and I fingered piles of carded (but not yet spun) wool in every color of the rainbow but managed to escape without purchasing any new yarn or yarn precursors at all. I did succumb to the lure of the little handmade soaps shaped like resting dragons, but when it came to the yarn and the wool, I was strong. I am telling myself that there are certain projects I must finish knitting, in order to work my way through the small stash in the guest room, before I am allowed to buy any more yarn, and so far I have stuck to that self-imposed limitation. We'll see how long it actually lasts, though.

We wandered for about an hour and then headed home to get ready for the game later in the afternoon. Then we arranged to meet my parents back at the fairgrounds for lunch, since one should never pass up the opportunity to partake of fair food. We sat on the grass in a shady spot and listened to a not-very-good band play, too loudly, and ate our lunches. I had an extremely messy gyro with some kind of meat that was never actually identified (although considering the theme of the fair I am guessing it was maybe wearing wool in a previous life) and Richard had a slightly less messy polish sausage.

Last weekend, after we dropped her off after our day of Fun with Drywall, our friend let us borrow her copy of a DVD put out by a little improv group up in Seattle that was a 40 minute spoof on gaming. We laughed ourselves silly watching it, and then begged her to let us keep it one week more so we could inflict it on our fellow gamers. They didn't disappoint we all agreed that we all either knew people just like those in the film, or else we'd *been* those people at one time or another. And then we sat down around the dining room table with our books and our papers and our dice and we played, breaking only to go pick up pizza and soda. I will not bore you with the details, since I am well aware that the only people who would ever be interested in what goes on during a role playing session are *only* the people who were actually there at the time (something a great many gaming nerds never quite seem to learn shudder), but we had a marvelous time.

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