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August 09, 2004: Cat scan

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In the continuing saga of me and my sinuses, the doctor suggested that I have a cat scan run, on the off chance that all my problems are not linked to allergies, but instead to me being somehow sinusly deformed. So this morning I got up and headed off to the hospital extremely early in order to get a cat scan done before work. I amused myself (and possibly only myself, since everyone else I said this to just rolled their eyes at me and gave a rather weak and barely polite laugh) by noting that I did not see the point in getting another cat scan because I get (actually fuzzy, four-legged) cat scans several times a day and they've never turned up anything (Richard responded by noting that perhaps I simply do not know how to interpret the results the cats provide). But aside from being incredibly lame with the sense of humor (hey, it's Monday, and it was early in the morning), this is the first test like this I've ever had done so I was kind of looking forward to it, just to see what they were going to do.

Luckily I brought my knitting with me because I ended up sitting there a lot longer than I had expected to. It turned out that several people called in sick and they had to call in a supervisor to figure out what to do about the schedule. However, they only told those of us who had dutifully shown up early, and were then made to sit around and wait and wait and wait, when I gave up and went to the window and noted that my appointment was at least half an hour overdue. In the afternoon one has to expect delays, but when one is scheduled for the very first appointment in the morning it's a little harder to be patient.

They finally got things started and came out and gave all of us in the waiting room half-hearted apologies, and then I got my cat scan. They had me lie down on a narrow table and then the guy raised it up and positioned it underneath this big white arch and I was told to stay perfectly still and they took pictures of my head. I was hoping there would be computer screens or something where the scans would magically appear like they always do on those oh-so-realistic hospital dramas on television, but alas, I did not get to see inside my own head after all. Oh well.

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