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August 21, 2004: Little luxuries

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We really have done nothing at all productive this week, for the most part. Every evening has been spent sitting in front of the television, watching the Olympics. But really, can you blame us? It seems as if this year they are showing more of the sports than they have ever shown before. It's all gymnastics all the time in our house lately. Those people are amazing.

This week I did break down and suggest we get cable or satellite TV installed, despite my reservations. So we called and amazingly they were able to schedule an installation for us this morning. What was even more amazing is that the installer came within the time constraints provided and best of all he came before I had to leave, so I got a chance to get a quick preview.

I left Richard camped out on the couch, his laptop on his lap and the cable remote in his hand, and I reminded him that he should actually think about getting up every once in a while, no matter how many channels he now has to surf. And then I picked up a friend and we drove up to Napa to have tea with a group of women in what has apparently become an official monthly gathering for them. One of the women really likes doing tea, so she does lots of research and finds various places for the group to go, and one Saturday a month they all dress up and go someplace and eat tea sandwiches and tea cakes and delicate little finger foods, and drink tea from china cups and be very girly.

This is the same group for which I was reading Anna Karenina. Although as it turns out I was the only one who actually *read* the book, so any discussion was postponed until the next meeting. Somehow I agreed to read a second translation (because as much as I hated the stupid book I am still willing to give it another chance, except that this time I am going to look for one where the sex wasn't left out, because I have to have something to look forward to. So instead of the book we talked about decorating our houses, and we talked about tattoos, and we talked about pets, and we drank tea and I had a marvelous time.

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