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August 28, 2004: Ideas

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Now that the satellite TV is installed, we have turned into what I feared all along two slothy couch potatoes. The biggest reason has been, of course, the Olympics although admittedly this week we're not watching it as much because gymnastics is now over (except for the petty whining and moaning by the IGF). The main exception on my part has been synchronized swimming, except that somehow we did not read the schedule correctly and so did not get the duet finals or the team technical routines taped. So the only synchro I was able to see at all this year was the team finals, which were amazing to watch since of course they *are* Olympic swimmers for a reason, but a bit disappointing because I know how much more I missed.

On the plus side, I am doing huge amounts of knitting lately, since camping out in front of the TV is the perfect time to drag out the yarn and needles. I fear I have become addicted to the Home and Garden Network, and have been watching episode after episode of all the 'remodel your house on a budget' shows, followed by some not-so-idle poking around on their website. I did stumble across a picture that is perfect for our bedroom. Isn't it gorgeous? Now just imagine those chairs a dark green, and the bedding green and blue, and dragon head lamps instead of those cute little white ones, and I still think it could work. Of course our bedroom has crown molding all around the ceiling, and a high peak in the bay window, and if we were going to do this I would really need to paint the ceiling a pale blue to draw it all together, and there is no way in the world I would be able to do that without having to perch precariously on a ladder and somehow try to climb around the ceiling fan which is situated rather inconveniently in the middle. But for now, I am remaining optimistic that it can all work out somehow, insanely high ceiling, dragon head lamps, and all.

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