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October 06, 2004: September in review

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Im not sure what happened to September. Its not that there werent things to write about; its mainly that I just never could get around to writing them. And much like a lot of other things what I needed to write about just kept building up and building up until it was too overwhelming to think about playing catch-up any more.

So September. We went to the State Fair and saw a life-sized Pegasus made from dinner knives. We went to the San Francisco zoo to check out the new Africa exhibit and saw a baby giraffe playing hide and seek with an ostrich (pictures from those trips have been posted every other day or so to Cat's Eye View for the past few weeks - go there to check them out). We also saw a lot of lemurs and hung out and watched the meerkats for a while and in general had a marvelous time.

We planned, sold tickets and decorated for, and held a dance at the church (think high school prom, but with 95% less acne or angst). There were several hundred cookies and marvelous pink punch and a perfect picture spot. There was a very heavy tank of helium and possibly over a hundred pink and black balloons. There was music and dancing and for the very first time our little group ever did something like this it turned out really well.

We did some cleaning and rearranging in the house clearing out the guest room in preparation for turning it into a library. I finally sorted through all my craft and sewing stuff and donated huge piles of it to my older sister. We planned a trip to Seattle to visit my little sister (were heading up there in a few weeks). We started a new healthy eating plan (based on the new Core plan from Weight Watchers). I did a lot of knitting, including my very first felting project (a cat bed, of course) and Richard did a lot of writing.We watched a lot of HGTV.

And now it is October, and I am realizing that I just need to let September go. I may or may not get around to writing more about any of those little highlights, but Im not going to stress about it anymore. Time to focus on the things happening now.

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