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October 08, 2004: Bit by bit

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It's been two weeks since I started the allergy shots and with only two exceptions I've gone in religiously, twice a week. I'm still finding the whole experience vaguely amusing, although for a few weeks I was getting this weird side effect where my entire body would start itching insanely after the shot, and that really started to push my tolerance for what constitutes fun. But that's thankfully gone away, and in fact last week the nurse told me that one of my three shots now is only once a week. Of course the other two are still twice a week, but she also noted that I'm showing great progress on those as well.

This is actually a rather large relief. There was this small part of my brain that was sure that somehow the allergy shots just were not going to work for me. Never mind that they are highly effective and work in every other person that has taken them; somehow I would be that .0001% of the population that wouldn't respond and I'd be stuck with the sinus infections from hell and the constantly stuffy nose and the exploding into hives and closing-off throat every time I happened to be in the vicinity of where some small fuzzy creature had breathed in the last few days. Silly, I know, but I can't help it. Worrying is, after all, a genetic trait in my family, especially for things that may not necessary be the most logical to worry about.

But, worries aside, the shots *are* working. The rashes that appear around the shot sites are slowly diminishing in size each week, and the itching and the swelling is starting to subside. I'm hopeful that maybe in another few weeks I'll be able to only go in once a week for all three of the shots. And maybe by the time Christmas rolls around I'll be able to go to my friend's house the one with the guinea pig without having to load up on allergy medication beforehand.

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