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November 26, 2004: Not quite picture perfect

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I woke up this morning with a painful sore throat, and a nose that is starting to run. Oh joy. My very first cold of the season. Since we decided we'd exchange presents with my little sister's family so they could take theirs back to Seattle with them, I stayed up rather late last night frantically working on her Christmas present a purple cardigan I'd been knitting but didn't finish. This morning I got up early to try to get it finished, so the impending cold was not a welcome sign. Sigh.

We did family pictures today at a little photo studio downtown. The studio was so tiny only a few of us could fit at one time so the rest of us stood outside around the corner (to escape the wind it was cold!). The photographer did a wonderful job though, even during the full family shot when all eleven of us squeezed into her tiny studio. Somehow she managed to get shots where all the kids were not only facing the camera, but also actually smiling at the same time. I figure anyone who can manage that with three kids under the age of 7 has got a special talent.

This afternoon I spent mostly knitting in a frantic attempt to get the sweater done and managed, somehow, to have everything but the buttons on by the time we had to pile into the car to head up to Napa for dinner at my older sister's house. I sewed the buttons on in the car by the light of the interior lamp probably not the best idea when sitting in the back seat of the car. The combination of hunching over a sweater with a tiny needle, sitting in the back seat in stop and go traffic meant that I was feeling a bit queasy by the time we hit Napa. Luckily the buttons were on, the sweater was done, and all in time for dinner.

We finally got to meet my older sister's new kitty an absolutely gorgeous Russian Blue cat with the softest fur. We did the gift exchange and my sister loved her sweater (although it still needs some adjustment), and it was fun, but it was good to get home. This cold is just getting worse.

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