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December 03, 2004: Uncommon knitting accessory

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Tonight was the monthly craft night, and I brought my little sister's sweater with me, to get some feedback on how to finish it off. Because this was our December gathering we all brought goodies to share, and ornaments for a gift exchange. I'd found a peanut butter pie recipe on TUS that sounded interesting so I used this as an excuse to test it out. It smelled great, but maybe peanut butter, cream cheese, and Cool Whip isn't the best combination. It was rich. Too rich. Ah well.

We had a wonderful time sitting around the room chatting and knitting - well, most of us. I *did* get some knitting done, but not as much as I might have. The 'problem' is that the hostess occasionally fosters kittens for a local SPCA, and one of them decided that I looked like the perfect (or would that be purr-fect?) spot to curl up on.

She started off on my shoulder, which wasn't so bad because I could just sit a little awkardly and keep on knitting.

But as the evening progressed (and she proceeded to curl, uncurl, stretch, and otherwise rearrange herself) I ended up having to keep scrunching further and further down on the couch so this little scrap of fuzz would be comfortable (what can I say - I am such a sucker for teeny little kittens).

She rewarded me by purring every single second she was awake, and leaving my yarn alone. I may not have gotten much knitting done, but somehow I really didn't mind.

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