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December 16, 2004: The redecorator

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When we put the tree up a week or so ago I emailed my little sister to tell her about how nice a tree it was, and mentioned in passing that the cats had, so far, shown absolutely no interest in the tree at all as we were hanging ornaments and draping it with strings of lights and garlands. This in itself is a little surprising since usually when we are doing something new in the house the cats have to be right there in the middle of it to investigate. My little sister's response was that this state of affairs was bound to change at Oh My God What the Heck Was That in the morning.

The cats, however, have been uncharacteristically cooperative this year. I realize that upon saying this I may just be jinxing myself, but so far only three ornaments have left the tree and those are all the soft or nonbreakable ones which we deliberately hang near the bottom so that if (and when) they come loose there's no danger of broken glass or broken memories. Two of the ornaments have been little stuffed critters, so naturally they have joined us upstairs. A much larger stuffed critter a holiday moose with very long legs has also been catnapped and dragged upstairs. I suppose we could be upset but it's hard to be upset when you're laughing. This is just what Rosie does. We live in state of constantly traveling stuffed toys, arranged artfully up and down the stairs (see picture below), piled in little clumps at the foot of our bed, or left on the rug in front of the bathtub. There is always humor to be found in her latest rearrangement, as well as in her methods of acquiring new material to cart around the house.

Last night Richard was packing our lunches for today lunches that included raw carrots, baby bell peppers, and pea pods. Apparently he dropped one of the pea pods on the floor without noticing. In other houses with cats this pea pod might have remained where it was, or have been batted about on the floor, or even chewed and left for dead. In our house, however, nothing is ever certain except that the cats will continue to keep us on our toes.

This morning he found the pea pod in his slipper. Sometimes it is not just the stuffed toys that travel. Rosie has been doing an awful lot of purring. I think she's quite pleased with herself. I have to admit that we are too.

This has been a Holidailies entry.

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