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December 19, 2004: Sunday at random

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As we were driving down the street this afternoon, on our way to meet my parents for lunch, I eyed a few of the more tawdry holiday displays we were passing in dismay. And then I turned to Richard and said 'Promise me that there will never be any inflatable creatures on my front lawn.' And then I relented just a little and noted that the only inflatable creature I would be willing to accept would be a lemur (mainly because I figure the chances of Richard tracking down an inflatable lemur are slim, and even if he does it's likely to be far too expensive for just a joke).

I am a little concerned about the fact that he said he wasn't sure he could make that promise. And that was before I agreed to the lemur. Hmm.


It is very hard to type when there is a cat leaning on my arm and licking the back of my hand. He is purring though - quite loudly - so through the rules of cat ownership, I cannot chase him away. I am also telling myself that one should never pass up on a full-hand exfoliation for free. If he starts in on my nose (like he sometimes does at night) I may have to rethink this decision, but for now, the hands are getting mighty clean.


After seeing Green Tuna's entry about this very unique nativity set, I cracked up, and immediately showed the link to everyone I could. This included, among others, every member of my family, several coworkers, and my boss, who just happens to be the husband of the pastor at church.

Today I asked her if he'd shown her the set and she immediately started laughing. Not only did she, too, think it was wonderful, but she then noted that it spurred quite the lengthy discussion afterwards on other key marshmallow moments in the bible. Consider, for example, marshmallow Adam and Eve, in graham cracker fig leaves, or perhaps an ever so slightly toasted Moses in front of the burning bush. Really, the possibilities are endless.

My little sister says they need one. I am pretty much now convinced that I need one too. After all, it has been pastor-approved.

This has been a Holidailies entry.

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