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January 04, 2005: Back to reality

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Christmas weekend did not feel like a holiday weekend. Iím not sure if it was because we had Friday off instead of Monday, or if it was just so busy, but it didnít feel like there was any actual break. This weekend, however, felt more like a three-day weekend Ė helped along, no doubt, by the fact that I had all day yesterday to just slouch around the house and do nothing (even though I ruined that completely by accomplishing lots of chores).

So it was a little hard to get back into the regular routine today, getting up early, and heading off to work. Richard made coffee and the two of us hunched over our bowls of cereal in the dining room, staring blearily at the freeze dried blueberries (I picked mine out and gave them all to him because euww). When I got to work it was apparent I was not the only one who felt a little out of synch. Every coworker spent the day wandering around looking a little dazed. Luckily the phones remained relatively quiet and we could get small things done without having to actually think too much. And it helped that there were pastries from a frou-frou bakery to nibble throughout the day Ė although by the time afternoon rolled around I think we were all a little muffined and croissanted out, and in need of something a wee bit more healthy.

Richard and I met for sushi on the way home, which helped wake me up a little. And then it was home, to poke listlessly at our computers and also the cats. I am hoping tomorrow I feel more like a normal person again.

This has been a Holidailies entry.

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