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January 05, 2005: Midweek already

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Yesterday afternoon I sat down and figured out the list of things I knit last year, and was actually pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished. Later this week I will likely sit down and make a much longer list of things I am hoping to knit this year, and I imagine it will be a little overwhelming. The biggest problem with diving into a new hobby head-first is that there are too many things to do with it and never enough time to do them all.

This was the week Richard was due for his allergy shot, so we went in together after work and made the nurse roll his eyes when he caught us beaming games to each other on our Clies. But when one has to sit at a doctor’s office for twenty minutes waiting for one’s allergy shot-induced welts and hives to properly mature, one needs something to do. PDA-versions of solitaire and Boggle help a lot.

I am now supposed to take antihistamines the day of my shots, except that I keep forgetting and since they are upping my doses with the expectation that I am medicating myself appropriately, this means things tend to get even more itchy and welty than before. And taking allergy meds immediately after getting home from the shots helps somewhat, but it also means my hives are more likely to last until the next day and make my arms hurt. You would think all of these petty little inconveniences would help me remember to take the damn pill once a week, wouldn’t you. You would obviously be wrong.

We made dinner together – Caribbean Pork and Sweet Potatoes – which turned out quite delicious and watched the episodes of The Simpsons where Maggie shoots Mr. Burns, and then watched Lost and, for the first time since starting to follow this show, were disappointed. There are 41 people supposedly on that island from the crash and we keep getting snippets of back stories for only a handful. This evening’s episode seemed too much like filler and gratuitous displays of skin.

Bah. I feel as if today I am just mostly grumbly. I am tired and all my coworkers are tired and two of them are sniffling and sneezing through their second run with the current bug that’s going around and all I want to do is rewind back to Monday and have a few more days where I don’t have to do anything at all. And this time I really will do absolutely nothing productive except maybe sleep. I could really use a vacation to just sleep.

This has been a Holidailies entry.

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