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January 23, 2005: Knitting with cats

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Let's say that you are sitting in a comfy chair in your library at home, working industriously on knitting up a doll for your niece's fifth birthday. You are using pale pink yarn because you are in the process of making the head piece.

Your perpetual kitten Azzie decides to come 'help' by bapping the ball of yarn onto the floor and you think "oh, how cute." He pokes at it a few times but then it no longer seems to appeal.

And then, lets say that the phone rings and you have to set the knitting down and walk out of the room for all of about 30 seconds to answer it.

What do you suppose you might see upon returing?

Let's check the hall outside the library first, what say.

That would be Sebastian peering around the corner, wondering just what the heck happened. Also, note the presence of the very cool lava lamp nightlight on the wall.

Now let's poke our head into the library. What do you suppose we will find there? Could it be Azzie, looking oh-so-innocent? He has *no* idea how the yarn happened to wrap itself around the feet of that chair, and then go skittering out into the hall. Really he doesn't.

I ask you. Would this face lie?
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