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February 07, 2005: Clueless is my middle name

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When I got home from work today there was a message on the machine from the insurance company, asking for additional information on the stolen laptop. Since I wasn't sure Richard would get home before they closed and I knew he was anxious to get this resolved, I called them back.I couldn't find where Richard had stashed the receipts for our laptops (since we'd had to get copies a year or so ago anyway for warranty and service purposes), since I knew they would list out all the relevant information. figured, however, that since our laptops were identical, I could muddle through on mine and figure it out myself.

The DVD-CD read/write drive was obvious - that's right on the outside of the laptop. The software was easy to figure out. But then we got into the other specs and that's where things all fell apart.

I opened up my File Explorer (because I am a dinosaur and much prefer the old File Explorer and classic Windows functionality to the cartoonish hideousness that is their Windows standard these days) and did a quick properties check. I was actually a little startled to find out that I only have 15 GB of space. Huh. Weird - I thought I had more. But maybe I'm just remembering incorrectly. So I told the guy the laptop had 15 GB, and then I noted that once we tracked down the receipt, I'd have Richard call them back with all the other numbers and facts. Then I called Richard on his cell phone to tell him what they'd asked, and what they still needed, and mentioned the hard drive size.

But wait. I was not remembering incorrectly. They *do* have more space - 40 GB of space, to be exact. Um. So why do I only see 15 GB in my C Drive?

To Richard's credit he did not start laughing hysterically at me. He very calmly noted that my drive was likely partitioned - that I should have a D drive which would be where all that additional space was hiding.

Bear in mind that we have had these laptops nearly two years. TWO YEARS, people. I had no idea I had a second drive. It's right there in the list on the File Explorer. It's not like I haven't been staring at it all this time. My CD/DVD drive is drive E. You think it would have occurred to me at least once in the past 24 months to wonder why I had this D drive and what it might be.

I could try to blame this cluelessness on the fact that it is a Monday, except that it hasn't been all Monday's for the past few years.

Just dye my hair blonde and call me Muffy. Even us nerds can sometimes be too stupid to own a computer.

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