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February 08, 2005: Drafty

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Yesterday I finally stopped hitting the Snooze button on the little reminder that's been dinging impatiently at me for the past week on my computer. That curriculum I was supposed to be writing was due by the end of the day today, and I've been putting it off and putting it off. I did do a few cursory things on it, like tracking down a copy of the United Methodist Discipline (which I think I shall have to read, cover to cover, one of these days because I am just the sort of strange individual who actually read technical manuals thoroughly, and this is really just another version of that ilk) so I could peruse the social principles and find ways to work them into my text. But I had about half of the thing still left to write as of yesterday when I got home from work. So last night I decided to sit down and finish it off (a day early, no less. Take that, procrastinating gene!)

Richard very nicely acted as editor, reading through each section as I sat in the computer room hunched over my laptop, typing madly. I asked him to be completely blunt, and he did offer me some extremely useful criticisms, which I tried to incorporate in the 'final' version. And then, at shortly after midnight, I finished, about 1000 words over what they were looking for. But they did say they'd rather we gave them too much instead of too little, and it'll go through a more complete editing process, so I'm not too concerned about ending up a little too wordy. And the most important thing is that it is, at least, done. Check one more thing off the list.


Along with my complete inability to notice that I had misplaced 25 gb of space on my very own laptop, we can add a complete inability to deal with a missing passenger door window. I know that one is supposed to cover the hole with cardboard. I've seen this on cars all the time. But we couldn't find the duct tape (I know it is in the house somewhere, but unfortunately it is not in the drawer where it is supposed to reside) and I wasn't entirely sure how to proceed, so I tore off a few good sized pieces of cardboard and stuffed them into the window and then used regular clear tape to hold them in place, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

It lasted all the way to work. But on the way home I lost the entire thing while crossing the causeway. This morning I gave it another try (still unable to find the duct tape) and I did lose part of it on the way in to work. But at that point I no longer cared. This afternoon they came out and replaced the glass. Insurance is a lovely, lovely thing.

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