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February 17, 2005: Joy, joy, joy

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Today has been a day of warm fuzzies. It started with tracking down the perfect Javascript code snippet that I needed to transform an insanely long list of items into a series of nifty nested, expandable lists a code snippet that turned an otherwise dull HTML file into something which garnered many a 'cool!' from various members of our company when I sent it off to the entire organization this afternoon. I am not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination I know HTML and I can read Javascript enough to be able to modify an existing code snippet (although I couldn't write it from scratch to save my life), but my limited skills were enough. I expect that this fairly simple HTML document (now with nifty expandable lists!) will gradually morph into something more complicated as the months progress, and I have a sneaky feeling I am going to be stretching the limits of what I know how to do with web pages, but that's okay. It's fun.

The second warm fuzzy came when I got home from work, and found a package waiting for me. Last month I signed up for knitting Secret Pal, and shipped off a package to my own Secret Pal earlier this week. So today I got a surprise package of my very own, in which I found what she assures me is a very simple pattern for socks, a skein of superwash wool (so it is machine washable!) yarn in the loveliest mix of blues, and an abundance of dark chocolate, just to round it all out. I have decided that this is the year I will get over my intimdation with knitting socks (it's the heels - they scare me), and my Secret Pal decided to spur me on with a little temptation. Yum.

And if that weren't enough, when we got home from choir practice, there was a message waiting on the answering machine for me. Remember that curriculum I sent off a few weeks ago? They did the review of all the submissions today, and apparently I kind of blew them away. The guy who called wanted to set up a time to go over a few edits, so I did that this evening and the edits, such as they were, were mostly just grammatical. It felt pretty nice to know that I'd done such a good job especially in something I'd written. I love to write, and I know when it comes to this sort of thing (non-fiction stuff) I'm good at it. Really good. But still, I was the least experienced one in the whole group and I'll admit I had been feeling a little apprehensive about whether or not I'd managed to do what they wanted. No need to worry I nailed it.

Don't mind me, I'm just a little giddy right now. First I got that code thing working, and then I get this rather lovely virtual pat on the head. I think I'm entitled to have just a little squee fest today.

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