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March 06, 2005: Rating by dessert

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Yesterday morning we decided to do something a little different, so we headed into Davis to the (relatively new) crepery for breakfast. Next we headed off to get more cat litter (always an exciting trip) to the one tiny little store in our area that carries the stuff we use. I took the opportunity to see how much improvement the allergy shots have given me so far (it's been about six months since I started them). While I was able to be in the store for a brief period of time, I eventually gave up and went outside and watched the chinchillas through the lovely allergen barrier of the plate glass window while I waited for Richard to finish buying the litter. The combination of tiny store plus large quantities of small furry animals, plus a distinct lack of any kind of air circulation whatsoever is still a little too much for me to handle. But I only ended up doing a little sneezing, and I didn't have to go diving for the inhaler, and there was nary a hive to be seen. Ah. progress.

Last night was the latest installment with the Davis Musical Theater Company - Annie. Richard and I discussed before the play that we might have to set up a new rating system. If the play was really bad (as some of them have been), we would deem it 'crepe worthy', and leave at intermission to go to the crepe place for our after-play dessert. If it was not so bad, we'd stick it out for the whole thing, thus deeming it 'pie worthy', which meant that we'd do our usual after-play trip to Baker's Square, which is the only restaurant actually open late enough to be an after-play destination.

Surprisingly, for a play where a large number of the main characters were kids, this one was definitely pie-worthy. The kids could not only act, but sing quite well for their age. The dog provided quite a bit of unintentional humor when he made it quite clear that he really did *not* enjoy the high notes in the play's signature piece ("Tomorrow"). Overall it was actually quite enjoyable. Of course, having only ever seen the movie version of Annie, I was a bit blind-sided by the fact that the original play was actually quite the political statement for its time. But it gave us something to talk about later with my parents over pie. And even though I was very much in the mood for a crepe instead of pie, I much prefer the pie-worthy plays over the crepe-worthy ones.


This weekend I finally decided that it was time to get over my fear of sock knitting once and for all, so I grabbed a set of double pointed needles and the skein of yarn I got from my knitting secret pal, sat down with the pattern, and got started. And, much as I expected (since this is what happens every time I try something new in knitting), it turned out to be not nearly as impossible as I was sure it was going to be. And in fact I finished off the first sock this morning.

I am ridiculously proud of this. I know it's a silly thing to be proud of in the grand scheme of things, and there are a lot of people who make far more complicated things out of yarn, but I don't care. It's my very first sock. Plus, unlike my very first sweater (the one I made for my nephew with the neck opening too small for his head), this sock actually fits. And I have already cast on for the second one, so I expect by the end of the week I will be showing off my socks to everyone I meet. I am sure they will all be either impressed and amazed, or else will just back away slowly from the giddy woman showing off her blue striped feet.

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