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April 18, 2005: Accessories

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This morning I organized my socks. Iím not sure exactly what compelled me to do this, since I was a little rushed for time and I really should have been getting dressed to go meet my mom at Curves, but instead, in the middle of putting away all my laundry Iíd washed this past weekend, my brain decided that my sock drawer needed to be organized right then. So I did.

My little spate of organizing actually ended up clearing out a small pile of socks that were getting a little too threadbare, which means there is actually extra space in my sock drawer for a change. Some people might say that it is preferable to have space in oneís sock drawer so one doesnít have to feel as if one is excavating every time one searches for a missing pair. Those people, however, have not recently discovered the joy of knitting socks. Space in the sock drawer is space to be filled by socks! And what kind of knitter would I be if I did not take that as a challenge?

Speaking of socks, I decided Richard needed a pair, so I whipped them up for him last week. He has larger feet than I do, so his socks took twice as long. I then promptly cast on for a third pair of socks for myself, which I finished rather late Sunday night, specifically so I could wear them today. This did mean, however, that I had to go rummaging through my wardrobe to find a top with purple in it so at least it would match my pretty new socks.

What? Doesnít everyone plan their outfit around their socks?

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