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April 29, 2005: Babelfish

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We have been waiting for this day for a few weeks - or at least I have been waiting, that is. I really could care less about the opening night for the next installment of Star Wars because I know that that movie will make me cringe and I have no desire to be there when it first is released. But Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is something to look forward, plus rumor had it that they would show the trailer for Serenity as well (which they did, which made us both cheer, but then they also showed the preview for a new Herbie the Love Bug movie and Richard very accurately pointed out that if this is not proof that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel he doesn't know what is. Although I must admit that I will be putting the new Herbie movie on our Netflix queue, just because I am weak and must watch it just to see how horribly bad it will be).

Richard and I pondered times, but then decided to to to the earlier evening show in Vacaville. We fully expected it to be crowded, and were surprised when there wasn't even one single person in line for tickets. We got there early, in anticipation of standing in line, but no line at all meant we had time to get inside and pick the best seats in the house, and also time for me to work on my latest pair of socks. The beauty of sock knitting is that it fits in my purse, you see.

The movie was fun, despite the fact that the plot was hopelessly muddled and didn't exactly make sense, and we were not the only ones who left the theater singing 'So Long and Thanks for All the Fish' under our breath, which was the song they played while rolling the opening credits, sung by the dolphins. From a knitter's perspective the movie was amusing because at one point, all the characters - and the spaceship - turn up as knit dolls. Also, there cannot possibly have been anyone more perfect than Alan Rickman to be the voice of Marvin the depressed robot.

After the movie we headed off to Baker's Square to get dinner and we were both so tired we were practically falling asleep in our plates. But now we are home and I am feeling wide awake and there is more sock knitting to be done, all while humming 'So Long and Thanks for All the Fish', which is such a perky and cheerful little tune that I fear it may lurk in my head for far longer than I really would prefer.

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