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May 01, 2005: Slice

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We have had the usual things today - getting up too early (thank you cats), hastily casting on for another pair of socks because I needed a portable project to bring with me for Sunday School, choir practice, the last session of 'The Gospel According to Seuss', where we took on 'The Sneetches' and 'The Zax' - a discussion that didn't have quite the twists as when we discussed 'Horton Hatches An Egg' a few weeks ago and put spins on the story that Seuss likely never even considered (such as whether or not Horton might have been either codependent, or needed some counseling to learn how to say no to pushy people (or birds)), but still lively enough to be fun.

Two of the newest babies showed up for all of us too coo over, and they are so very, very tiny - just weeks old, and still tiny enough to keep me too nervous to even consider holding them. It was fun to compare these two latest additions to the little boy who was born in January - especially as a way to see just how much he has grown. Because babies grow - and they grow so very fast that it almost seems as if you turn your head for an instant and suddenly they are in the next size up of clothes.

I think we are, for the most part, done with the latest of our baby booms at church (only one more baby left and he's due in the next week or three). It does make it hard to focus on what you are supposed to be focusing on when suddenly you are faced with a small cluster of teeny tiny people, but such is life.

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