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May 03, 2005: Office supplies

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When I was putting on my pants this morning I noticed that the zipper tab was a little lopsided and wouldn't fold down all the way. I fought with it for a little bit and didn't think any more about it until I got to work, and - as I usually do at least once or twice - headed into the bathroom. There I discovered that the tab was broken, and while it is easy to close a zipper with no tab, it is next to impossible to open one - especially when you are wearing the article of clothing it is keeping closed, and you a hurry.

Luckily I remembered that a paper clip can work in a pinch, so I zipped back to my desk and grabbed the first paper clip I could find. My makeshift zipper pull worked like a charm (ha).

However, I didn't want to have to be surreptitiously sneaking paper clips into the bathroom all day so I figured I might as well try to find a slightly smaller one that I could just leave attached to the zipper. Except that the only small one I could find was bright pink. And I must admit that I did ponder the dilemma of using a bright pink paper clip as a replacement zipper pull on black pants because while it tucked neatly underneath the fabric covering. Because it is oh so important to match one's accessories to one's ensemble even if one of those accessories is more commonly used to hold paper together.

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