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May 24, 2005: Maybe now

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Today I finally gave up. I decided that when the sinus pressure gets so bad that I am not only throwing up at work, but then am incapable of keeping anything (even water) down afterwards, maybe it might be time to go see the doctor and beg for pills. I called and got an appointment, then went home early from work and crawled into bed and prayed for my head to stop trying to implode. The doctor, a friendly and earnest young intern, went through the usual spiel about nasal sprays (no thank you - the last time they put me on those I got these really nifty heart palpitations that took days to go away after I stopped the meds) and decongestants (pseudophedrine is my friend, yes indeed, but it only goes so far), before finally agreeing that antibiotics were the way to go. He noted that the last time I was in for my special brand of sinus infection hell was in December of 2003 - wow, it's been a while. This only serves to confirm the fact that the allergy shots *are* helping, overall. Yes, I'm sick again, but hey, nothing is perfect, and maybe by this time next year it'll be even better.

So now I have a bottle of horse pills to take twice a day for the next ten days. If things go as they usually do, I should start feeling better by the weekend (all fingers and toes crossed - well, except for one toe, that is). Richard's got a doctor's appointment tomorrow, at which he will hopefully be given giant horse pills of antibiotics as well, since he's in far worse shape than I am. I have a very selfish reason for wanting us both to be healthy by the weekend - we've made tentative plans to go to the San Francisco zoo on Monday for my birthday and I'd really like to be healthy enough to go.

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