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August 20, 2005: Snowballing

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After the weekend where my nephews came down to spend the day with their grandparents working on the puppet theater, and after how much they really seemed to like the little set of water creature puppets I got them from CostCo, I decided I had to go back and get them all the rest of the puppets available. I swung by CostCo the following Tuesday night and picked up what I thought was a set of the cast, a set of the birds, and a set of the buggs. However, my parents came by Thursday night to borrow a sleeping bag (they were at some sort of choir retreat this weekend) and my mom saw the puppets, which have been sitting on the kitchen counter because I hadn't gotten around to moving them upstairs yet, and discovered I'd actually bought two sets of the bugs and no cats at all.

Naturally I was immediately intent on getting back to CostCo to return the extra set of bugs and swap them out for the one remaining set we didn't have. I worried that maybe they might have run out of them. Heh. I had nothing to worry about, as it turned out. Turns out in between when I was there the first time, and today, they lots more of the adorable hand puppets - not only of the five original sets, but also a few more. Wild animals! Cats *and* dogs! Farm critters! And best of all a set of reptiles that are just about the cutest things ever.

I suppose it is no surprise that I immediately dove into the pile and made sure to grab a set of every kind they had. The boys are going to get a huge pile of hand puppets for Christmas. And I think between now and then it would be better if I didn't wander the toy aisle in CostCo, because I think 7 sets of puppets may just be critical mass and maybe I should just pretend that they don't really make more of them, and considering that my brother-in-law says that every puppet show the boys have put on since they got the theater includes an introduction of each puppet, and I have now purchased 28 more characters who just might need introductions at the beginning of each show, I think it is better if now I stop.

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