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August 21, 2005: Rush

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We did more yesterday then just go crazy buying hand puppets. I feel as if it is important that I mention that. We also got haircuts so now I have my cute style back again and do not feel nearly as frumpy as I usually do. We tracked down a music store in Vacaville and discovered that they really didn't have much of a selection of recorder music after all. We picked up a new bottle of epigen for Allegra because we could not possibly be done with the three-times-a-week injections yet (did I mention she is now getting these injections? I can't remember anymore). I chatted with my vet, yet again, about why it is that in my house, meals versus free-feeding is not an option (the fat ones get fatter, the skinny ones get skinnier, and the ones who need to be on a special diet are always the skinny ones who keep on losing weight). I admit that sometimes I feel a little guilty about the situation because yes, it would be better for Allegra if she was only eating her kidney diet. But this would require that she be isolated 100% of the time, and she would be miserable without constant access to pets and sunbeams and my lap when I am at my computer, so I weigh the choices between quality of life and quantity, and yet again, quality wins, hands down.

Most of the rest of the day we spent camped out in the living room watching the SciFi channel's miniseries of the new version of Battlestar Galactica. We started watching the series late last season, and really like it, so it was interesting to see how the whole thing begain and why some of the characters are the way they are. We are now eagerly awaiting the release of the first season on DVD so we can catc up on all the bits of plot that we stll have yet to see, and in the meantime, have been careful to make sure to set the VCR so we can tape it on Friday nights when we are not around.

Today was recorder rehearsal, where I revealed that I am an idiot and was under the impression that the alto recorders play in an entirely different key (they do not - duh) than the rest of the group. Admittedly I've never attempted to find out one way or the other, it just got into my head somehow and I simply assumed it was true. Now that I know this is not the case an entirely new world of music possibility is opened to me, if only I could convince the rest of the group that they really *are* good enough to play it.

And this afternoon was a new (to me) knitting group. They meet at a bakery in downtown Vacaville, near the new library, and one of the attendees *told* me this at the knitting night at the library two weeks ago, but when I looked up the address and directions rom the bakery's website, we ended up off in the industrial park area of Vacaville, nowhere near a library or a downtown or anyone wielding sticks and yarn. Luckily Richard and I decided to go there for lunch so we had plenty of time to find the real meeting place, order sandwiches, and chat with a few other early arrivals. By the time the meeting was in full swing (and by that time Richard left, since he needed to be home in time to catch a phone call from the instructor of the writing course he's taking at DragonCon) the table was surrounded by knitters. And we knitters were a loud and boistrous bunch.

The annual Men's Barbeque and Silent Auction was tonight at the church but we sort of lost track of time (okay, so we were feeling really ambivalent about going, so let the time get lost) and did not go. Instead made Kraft Macaroni and Cheese because sometimes nothing else but nuclear yellow cheese will do, and we watched La Bouche, which is an incomprehensible movie that claims to be a comedy but is not remotely a comedy, and in fact has no defnitive ending except that it just sort of cuts out without resolving anything. I'm not sure why we stuck out the whole thing, except that we kept waiting for it to be funny, like it claimed it was.

But such is the chance you take with putting strange foreign films on your Netflix queue. Sometimes you get something wonderful and sometimes you do not.

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