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November 04, 2005: Bounce

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The meeting yesterday morning was surprisingly short - at least the part we were required to attend. Outside the little building we were in, a series of busses drove up and deposited load after load of high school children in the parking lot, so there was a constant level of noise in the background most of the morning. But eventually they dispersed to whatever it was that brought them to the fairgrounds on a Thursday morning, and by the time we headed out the only sign of their presence were two rather tattered looking bunches of balloons tied to the perimeter fence.

It was nice to be home, even if it's only been for such a short time - barely even 24 hours. Sebastian came up to me, his fur coarse, as if he wasn't washing himself very well, but the second I picked him up he started purring at top volume, and then settled himself on his lap and immediately began to bathe. I guess he missed me. Azzie's been following me around beeping pathetically and acting very clingy, and I am finding it a little endearing, but also a bit ridiculous because for crying out loud, I was only gone 3 days, and it's not as if there wasn't anyone else here!

I've packed up my bags again and am just about to head back up I-5 - although this time we'll go twice as far up the road, to Medford. My knitting mom and I are off to a knitting retreat. I have a can of cookies I made yesterday afternoon, in between napping and doing laundry and going to choir practice, where I discovered that singing when ones sinuses are seriously congested can create a rather unpleasant vibration in one's head. My suitcase of yarn and knitting paraphanelia is larger than the bag containing my clothes, but I suspect that this will likely be the case for most of the attendees. All I have left to do is pack a lunch for the trip, toss my bags into the car, and go, which I think I shall do as soon as I post this.

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