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December 13, 2005: Begging the question

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At the local drug store, in order to pick up your prescriptions, sometimes you have to wait in line. They have cleverly marked the place where the line is supposed to start, and is often the case, the line then forms up the aisle closest to that mark.

That aisle happens to be the one with the large display of barrier products - an assortment of vaginal jellies, sponges, and of course all manner of condoms.

The other day we had to swing by the drugstore to pick up the latest pile of prescription refills for Richard, and the better-living-through-chemistry pills for me, and it was early enough in the evening that we had to wait. In the line. In the aisle next to the display of lubricants and condoms. Because I was bored I just happened to glance over toward the condoms and noticed that someone had, for some strange reason, placed a little display of stuffed beanie type bears right next to the condoms. And then I looked closer, especially at one particular bear, which had some writing on its chest. Four little letters, to be specific; letters which you would have to be living under a rock not to have seen (and if you are me, rolled your eyes excessively at) in the past few years.

These are the times that make me glad I always carry my camera with me. Oh yes indeed.

Happy Holidailies

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