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December 22, 2005: Running backwards

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We got all our Christmas cards in the mail on Monday morning - even the stack that has been sitting on the scanner now for weeks, addressed, signed, sealed, and only needing stamps. I ended up swinging by the UPS store on the way home from work last week and buying every last sheet of stamps that they had (which wasn't many). It seems more than a little odd that a store dedicated to mailing things has been continually running out of stamps this season, and even odder that they charged me a fee above just the stamp cost. But it saved me having to deal with the actual post office so at least there is that.

My mom and my sisters and I had an email-based discussion last week of which of us was going to make which of the traditional cookies and other goodies for Christmas, and I said I would make the gingerbread men. Naturally this was before I came down with this damn cold that simply will not go away, so the cookies are still not made, and as the number of days between now and Christmas dwindle rapidly I am wondering just when the heck I am going to fit in a few hours of rolling out dough. I *want* to make them - these years it's the only Christmas baking I ever get to do anymore - but I am so tired, and there is so much to do and this cold is sapping every bit of strength that I have to care about any of it.

I swung by the yarn store in Davis on the way home from work today and picked up four new sets of needles because I wanted to make very sure there were not any more obstacles in getting the last of the Christmas knitting done. We will not discuss the two hours wasted fighting with a pattern which has turned out to be written incorrectly; the last hour of which was spent trying to rewrite it all by myself before giving up because the thought of remapping out 80 separate rows of long and complicated directions was making my brain spin. But it is started and I am going to stay up very late tonight to see how much i can get done. I suspect I am also going to stay up very late tonight because with all the coughing and the inability to breathe through my nose it's kind of hard to get to sleep, but at the very least I can be productive in my cold-induced insomnia.

Happy Holidailies

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