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December 27, 2005: Lazy day

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Richard had to go back to work today, so he got up and fed the screaming hordes so that I could try to sleep in instead. It was very lovely to lie in bed another hour or two, surrounded (eventually) by sated, sleepy cats, and knowing that I had nothing I had to do and nowhere I had to be.

Eventually, though, I did get up because I was getting hungry. So I ate gingerbread cookies for breakfast since we are out of milk for cereal (and have been for days) and then I lounged in bed and read books and worked on my little sister's scarf because it is lovely, mindless knitting that requires no tiny needles or skinny yarn or fiddly bits like some of the things I finished barely in time for Christmas morning.

I only left the house once today, braving the rain to make a run to Costco so I could pick up milk and chicken and little cups of fruit and applesauce for lunches to take to work. But then it was back home, where I took long, delicious naps and caught up on my Bloglines and knit some more.

I made a meatloaf out of veggie crumbles for dinner, which turned out really good (based on a recipe my older sister gave me), and we sat and ate our dinner in front of the television while watching MST3K's version of Santa Claus Defeats the Martians. The movie is, naturally, amazing in its horridness, but this was my very first exposure to MST3K and I found it quite fun. Plus the movie was mindless enough that I could keep on zipping through my little sister's scarf, with the hopes that I will finish it in time to hand it off to her before they fly back to Seattle.

Happy Holidailies

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