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January 02, 2006: The last of it

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Richard had to go back to work today but I have one more day off. I have been taking advantage of this by spending the entire day in my pajamas and taking long, delicious naps. It has not been all sloth and decadence, however; there were piles of laundry to do (due in part to having house guests, and also to Zucchini deciding that it had been far too long since he peed on Richard's side of the bed - sigh), so I have been slowly working my way through those. Plus I dealt with all the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and paid bills and put away a little bit more of the clutter that always manages to accrue after Christmas, and I also did a bit of knitting and made dinner, so it was actually a surprisingly productive day.

We ate dinner in front of the television so we could watch a few more episodes of the first season of Monk, which we actually started watching last night. Richard's parents came up yesterday to take him out to dinner for his birthday, and the Monk DVD's were one of his presents. My parents came along for dinner and we all smashed into a booth at one of the few places that were actually open on New Year's Day, and had Italian food and coffee and then came home and ate spice cake with chocolate frosting (because that is Richard's favorite cake) and ice cream. My parents brought him books on colonial times from their trip to colonial Wiliamsburg and I think my mom and I will be doing some arm wrestling to see who gets to read them first after he is done with them. And his parents brought him, among other things, a didgeridoo (actually, that was from his youngest sister) and a very cool telescope. I suspect once this weather we've been having finally clears that Richard will spend quite a bit of time either outside in the backyard trying to find things in the sky, or inside scaring the cats with his new noisy toy.

Happy Holidailies

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