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January 19, 2006: So far, so good

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Accomplishments for January:

  • DVR installed so we can record Lost and Battlestar Galactica without missing a minute when are not home, or perhaps out of the country - check
  • Wills, living wills, durable power of attorney, HIPPA release documents (and other signs of actual adulthood) signed, notarized, filed - check
  • Person who prepared wills amused by request to include pet clause and designate Pet Executrix (and back-up Pet Executrix) - check
  • Prettiest socks I have ever made completed in time for Mom's birthday - check
  • Tickets reserved for (very delayed) three week honeymoon to Ireland - check (squee!)
  • Plans made for this year's Sister's Only Weekend - check

Not bad for not even three weeks into the year. Not bad at all.

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